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Technology with a purpose

The purpose of technology is to make life’s tasks easier, faster and handled in a more secure fashion. Tekmar Solutions Inc helps people get the most out of their technology. Technology meaning their computer systems, devices and components that connect them to the internet. The math, science and electrical engineering in good technology are relegated to the background. Therein lies a problem for most home and business users. We have come to rely on computers and the internet some much that it is engrained in the very fabric of living our lives.

IT Blueprints are the foundation of all information enterprises. Your business success depends on a solid foundation: fast access to data, uninterrupted operation, and most of all security. Tekmar Solutions offers a low-cost, easy-to-implement solution for all the ways you and your employees access data — any devices, anywhere.

Plans include threat protection, business continuity, remote support and multi-device support. Plans start at $5 per device with no long-term contracts.The system is lightweight and can be snoozed or easily removed.

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Tekmar Solutions Inc

Technology with a purpose

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Complex systems made simple.

The IT Blueprint Business Continuity Plan (Now for home users too.)

Protect your business data, productivity and web presence with continuous monitoring of your entire IT system. The IT Blueprint Business Continuity Plan provides three crucial services:

A blueprint of your software, systems and user profiles. Avoid downtime from systems failure and user turnover.

Up-to-the minute notice of software updates and security upgrades. Most of these can be applied remotely.

Monitoring and support for all of your devices and workstations. Keep your systems running fast and lean.

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