The Tekmar Solutions IT Blueprint is the foundation of a great Business Continuity plan.

Many problems in business don’t come on like a hurricane but are simply an incidental. They seem to occur at random without out any advanced warning. If you are located in a low lying coastal area you have to have a plan ready to implement when the forecast comes in about that storm. If you are in the Piedmont or high country day to operations are the same no matter the focast. It helps you keep your business running smoothly even if you are ready for:

  • Data loss or data access issues
  •  Fire or flood damage to IT equipment
  •  Theft of data, PCs or laptops
  •  System crashes
  •  Staff unable to work due to server issues
  •  Email not working
  •  Virus attacksThe US government has lot’s of disaster response experience.  Their advice is be prepared. When a flood, fire or data theft occurs it’s too late to make a plan. Take a few minutes and make a business continuity plan now. Tekmar can help and the costs are a lot less than the results of not planning.


Business continuity Tekmars is a harzard-id system


Most updates can be made remotely, and you always know what the next step is with your IT system.

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Snow and Ice Storms

One of our clients that we on-boarded a couple years ago was down for several days due to a power outage. This type of outage closes many small and medium sized business. It is a testament to the professionalism and their management and staff that they were around after the storms of 2014.

The IT Blueprint is a real-time, always up-to-date map of your IT investment, monitoring:

  • All software installations and required upgrades
  • Required security updates
  • User profiles
  • Required periodic maintenance for optimal device performance

Security, security, security

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