IT Blueprints

Lower Costs and increase efficiency in your people, processes and technology.

Training room

Tekmar Solutions, Inc. uses a three step analysis process to produce an IT Blueprint. First we engage in a short  conversation about your business to understand your style and objectives. This leads to a mostly automated analysis of over 50 technology statistics, which forms the foundation of the IT Blueprint. Lastly, again through brief discussions Tekmar fills out a ten point skills profile.

Precise service agreement. Tekmar has a simple metric against which we weigh costs vs results. This means we can clearly help you understand options, opportunities and the downsides to information management situations confronting you and your users. Best of all the service agreement is continually measured against the ITB, so we show you what you need and what you don’t need. We can also show you how to manage the problem yourself, so you may not need us next time. With Tekmar, you’ll understand how it all works.

A clear map to help manage systems. Most service calls are made in crisis. Crashed servers, lost information or simply no time to manage the system. But the best benefits of improved systems come with advanced planning while you are still up and running.  

From simple analysis – a plan you can count on, support you can trust. Start now.