Real Estate Tools

Triad Real Estate professionals face a competitive, complex and intricate market. The best real estate tools help them thrive. There are many types of real estate tools. From signs and business cards to web sites, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Match a huge variety of specializations in the field residential and commercial brokers and property managers benefit from Tekmar’s experience in the industry. For over 20 years Tekmar Solutions understands that the best technology helps them do an amazing job supporting their customers. Buyers, sellers, lessors or Lessees armed with the best tools and training makes life easier. It takes uniting buyers and sellers, as well as property owners and tenants in relationships that are profitable to each while making their own profit from both. This dance requires the ability to bring people and processes together with the right tools in a safe, secure and ethical environment.


The real estate tools will not do the work for you. The days of build it and they will come are long gone and digital billboards are much more complex than they seem on the surface. Tekmar’s assessment processes and IT Blueprint resources make it possible for real estate pros to concentrate on the people part of the business. In processes they are comfortable tools do the work they are supposed to do with the least intervention.

The current brain based tools show that people get the most done with the least effort by concentrating on the fundamentals and eliminating the need to make many decisions. The problem with technology adopting is that there are so many choices and even after studying the readily available information one is face with a daunting task. THe answer is an IT Blueprint.

As Florida State psychologist Roy Baumeister details in his book “Willpower: The Greatest Human Strength,” you can only use so much willpower in a given day.
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This is where the IT Blueprint helps: being a firm foundation for the smooth functioning of business tools the IT Blueprint eliminates almost all decisions about technology. Your system run on autopilot with almost no intervention from people who rely on them. Our processes make it possible get more out of your real estate practice for the least time and money.