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Threat Protection

Threat protection for computers is necessary in all business and home settings. Threat protection services are the primary focus for Tekmar Solutions, Inc. Threat Protection for business and home computers is simple but elusive for many users. It requires state of the art defense and monitoring. Tekmar Solutions, Inc. has a no secrets policy that simplifies security. Beyond no secrets, we educate our clients and help them get and maintain the right  tools and use them correctly.

Security measures are a must for small and medium size companies. People hear about he breaches of information system of large corporations because they survive. Successful attacks have compromised global retail giants, banks, and some of the largest providers in technology. What we Small and medium size business need to be aware that they too are targets. The unsettling fact is 90% of small and medium business are out of business.

Threat protection at its best is simple:

Set up a data security policy

Get back to your basics

Use outside monitoring service. IT WILL reduce costs, but maintain a fully staffed IT department to provide constant analysis of traffic in and out of your system.

Tekmar’s threat protection agents help people manage the explosive costs that breaches cause. By mitigating threats from Malware, Trojans, and viruses risks are reduced. Business in the cloud exposes systems to despite that best user training.

While keeping your systems running at optimal levels the ITB Threat Protection module provides a wealth of information, and today’s best technology that Tekmar analyzes routinely to help maintain a modern on premises and cloud based information system. The best thing is that with our 30 day trial, one can start enjoying the benefits without risk of a long term contract. With the Basic agent after the first month one pays only three dollars a month. Try it now.

Training people to watch for danger signs.

We have found that people really want to be safe computer users. With all the day to day concerns people forget to be caution. All one has to do is hold a 10-15 security brief periodically. Try it at your next team meeting. Need help, contact us for a free trial and we’ll send you some materials no obligation. 

Changing passwords regularly. 

 Tekmar starts out all new clients with a simple easy to remember password mantra for all our threat protection clients. We used to leave with that in place with a warning that this policy is only temporary – 60 – 90 days. (we recommend 45-60-day frequency now and this story occurred ten years ago,) A team member working for this South Carolina company became disgruntled. In the second year of the policy which they failed to mandate a change too, despite our warnings the password mantra came back to bite them. A user knowing the manager’s password sent out hundreds of emails from her computer as her. It turned out the password policy not only protects from external threats. It provides threat protection from internal sources too.

Updating software continuously.

Use an update service with monitored results. Browsers, databases and integration service software such as Java need to be regularly updated.

Maintain a graduated hardware replace schedule.

Computers are costly but not upgrading is more expense in terms of lost productivity.

Updating firewalls and other network devices.

Use a real hardware firewall. Update it regularly.

Maintaining state of the art anti-virus and anti-malware tools.

Maintaining start of the art Anti-virus and anti-malware tools is more that buying it. We need to have it installed and we need to monitor it – that is key to threat protection.  

Getting an outside assessment from a professional security provider regularly

An outside assessment is called for because security is so important. Without an out side assessment companies are basically open complacency that is the ground of attacks that you have heard about. Like the breach of Global giant Target or the smaller breach of ABC board here in Greensboro.

Have a standard and clear BYOD policy.

A good well crafted BYOD, Bring Your Own Device policy is a dual layer of protection. Employees and the company are protected with a simple well thoughout policy. 

Use outside monitoring service.

The promise of information technology is reducing costs.  Small and medium sized businesses must maintain fully functional systems without a fully staffed IT department. Yet providing constant analysis of traffic in and out of your system is difficult.


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Security problem or need system support?

If you have a security problem, question, configuration issue, or have had a network host placed in quarantine, please call the Tekuser Service Desk at (336) 373-110(5). If you are a returning user simply click here and then enter your password.

If you have a security problem, question, configuration issue, or have had a network host placed in quarantine, please call the Tekuser Service Desk at (336) 373-110(5)